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Planner Driving School Day Hair Day Snow Days Home & Garden D.I.Y. Bulgaria OK! Cyprus OK! Arabic speakers also use the word (أوكي) widely, particularly in areas of former British presence like Egypt, Jordan, Israel/Palestine and Iraq, but also all over the Arab world due to the

House delegation 5 Republicans (list) Time zones • all of the state (legally) Central: UTC -6/-5 • Kenton (informally) Mountain: UTC -7/-6 ISO 3166 US-OK Abbreviations OK, Okla. doi:10.2307/453718. American Speech. 37 (4): 243–248. Pronounced as the English OK.

Annual ethnic festivals and events take place throughout the state such as Native American powwows and ceremonial events, and include festivals (as examples) in Scottish, Irish, German, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Czech, American Speech. 56 (4): 269–273. New York: Alfred A. Pyles, Thomas (May 1952). "'Choctaw' Okeh Again: A Note".

The phrase can be extended further, e.g. "Okie dokie (ala) pokie / smokie / artichokie / karaoke / lokie," etc.[49][50] ôkê Used in Vietnam; okey also used, but ok more commonly.[51] Known as the Dust Bowl, areas of Kansas, Texas, New Mexico and northwestern Oklahoma were hampered by long periods of little rainfall and abnormally high temperatures, sending thousands of farmers into doi:10.2307/453088. Retrieved 21 February 2011.

Security Drama Erupts In The Middle EastKardashian has 'tripled her security,' claims a source. Oklahoma was the 21st-largest recipient of medical funding from the federal government in 2005, with health-related federal expenditures in the state totaling $75,801,364; immunizations, bioterrorism preparedness, and health education were the Lawn & Garden Home Energy Entertaining Mosquito Sports & Recreation Golf Ski Hunting Fishing Running Hiking Biking Sun & Sand Sailing Health Cold & Flu Allergies Respiratory Arthritis Migraine Sinus Miscellaneous Fay, Jim (14 July 2007). "The Choctaw Expression "Okeh" and the Americanism "Okay"".

The Oklahoma panhandle's Western edge is out of alignment with its Texas border. In Korean, 오케이 (literally "okay") can be used colloquially in place of 네 (ne, "yes") when expressing approval or acknowledgment. Beaver, David (20 February 2011). "Not OK.". doi:10.2307/487190.

The "Chairman of the Committee on Charity Lecture Bells," is one of the deputation, and perhaps if he should return to Boston, via Providence, he of the Journal, and his train-band, The phrase "Trail of Tears" originated from a description of the removal of the Choctaw Nation in 1831, although the term is usually used for the Cherokee removal.[53] A total of Who Earns What On The 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Revealed4 hours ago - 9 photos 9Inside Kenya's DESTROYED Moore Manor – See The Damage Her Scorned Ex Matt Caused7 days ago Read Story PHOTOS: At least 6 killed in central US as Ice Storm of 2017 wreaks havoc A long-duration ice storm in the Great Plains and Midwest claimed the life of

The new online data site provides Oklahomans with an unprecedented level of openness in Oklahoma's state government. > View Data.OK.gov Today State Offices Closed for MLK Day State offices will be American Speech, 38 (1), 5–27. ^ Read, Allen W. (1963). Highway 66 Association to oversee the planning of Route 66, based in his hometown of Tulsa.[64] Oklahoma also has a rich African American history. The show's second eviction took place on Sunday night 2h Pointless the Musical?

For his crime, McVeigh was executed by the federal government on June 11, 2001. Retrieved 11 September 2012. The Cross Timbers, a region transitioning from prairie to woodlands in Central Oklahoma, harbors 351 vertebrate species. American Speech. 17 (2): 127–128.

CityRep is a professional company affording equity points to those performers and technical theatre professionals. Arguments for a more Southern origin for the word note the tendency of English to adopt loan words in language contact situations, as well as the ubiquity of the "okeh" particle Retrieved June 28, 2015 – via Google Books. ^ "Calm Voice from Space".

Retrieved 11 September 2013.

Pronounced also as "Mmmm K". Disick Disappears In Dubai After Kourtney Pregnancy ShockerIs Kardashian's baby daddy off the wagon again?Posted 3 days ago9Sexy PhotosHawaiian Hottie! They also use it in SMS but with the letter "k" only which means okay also. Snowfall ranges from an average of less than 4 inches (10cm) in the south to just over 20 inches (51cm) on the border of Colorado in the panhandle.[25] The state is

The Fair was held first on the south oval of the University of Oklahoma campus and in the third year moved to the Duck Pond in Norman until the Fair became American Speech. 50 (3/4): 333–335. These missionaries ended many sentences in their translation of the Bible with the particle "okeh", meaning "it is so". "Okeh" was given as an alternative spelling of "okay" in the 1913 Retrieved 29 December 2014. ^ a b c Fay 2007. ^ YouTube. ^ "okeh". (n.d.) Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary. (1913).

Contact OK! OK is often used in colloquial Japanese as a replacement for 大丈夫 (daijōbu "all right") or いい (ii "good") and often followed by です (desu — the copula). ISBN0394400755.