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How To Access Second Router From Internet


With a LAN port of the wireless router connected to your main router you always access the wireless router through its LAN IP address. Look for instructions on the internet on how to change your ATT modem/router combo into a dumb modem. PC1 cant see PC2, but PC2 can see PC1. The opposite direction is not possible.However, name resolution won't work, i.e. Check This Out

I have 4 routers connected through the LAN port and so far every time the only solution that I have come up with is power cycling. Just signed up to thank you, I've had the connectivity issue for about a month, I tried every solution I could find but nothing ever worked. My problem is in my office,i have an ADSL internet connection, and a wifi router a switch a server and 13 pc's and 10 smart phones, some of pc's have a I can ping the others I am on a dsl router all firewalls turned off.

How To Access Second Router From Internet

After speaking with very helpfull people at Linksys Tech Support via Live Chat I've managed to get my problems with this two routers (BEFSR41 and WRT54G) partly resolved (they advise me The server does not see the printer. A step ahead of me as always hahaha. In the last 2 hours i figured out that i needed to turn off dhcp and change the ip...

In my case, the one subnet included all the LAN ports on the router with WLAN, and the other subnet was WLAN only. The main problem is.. I usually think of the router as having 1- imput (connects to internet) and 4- outputs (connecting to computers). How To Cascade Routers December 14, 2007 at 8:17 PM Robert said...

And plug one cable from main network to the LAN port of the additional routers. Can't Access Second Router On Network on the WAN/internet side) can access the forwarded port on the WAN IP address of the router. Before router 2 was hooked up, I could. With Windows, you can Team the NIC (Use both as one essentially).

The LAN setup of a wireless router works fine. How To Setup Second Router Works just fine. Broadband ethernet connection, static IP assigned by ISP—connected to modem 2. Desktop in Office (Windows 7) .

Can't Access Second Router On Network

If you can’t ping them, then that means that there is something wrong with the network connection itself. That's why I think it's the adapter, but at the same time from what I've been able to look up, the modem is wifi network N as well... How To Access Second Router From Internet I turn off the 4 routers, then the router they are connected to after which I turn it back on, and after a few minutes I turn back on the other Second Router Not Connecting To Internet Still though, is there a particular reason you want to do this?

Assuming malware is running with admin privs, it is possible and very easy for that malware to watch ALL traffic coming to the NIC regardless of the subnet. his comment is here Anyone who connects to your router can try to crack the router password.Change the LAN IP address of the second router to I think the solution involves using the static routing feature in my DSL modem, but I don't know what to type. To the best of my knowledge, the Broadcom based wireless routers can break apart the LAN ports in the switch, so that you could put 2 of the ports on one Access Second Router From First Router

ThanksSure, I'm glad to help! This changes by itself, during the day without me actually changing any settings. he's purchased a Linksys WRT54G2 wireless router for this.2 questions here. this contact form When you go to My Network Places on XP, is it blank or empty?

I dont know if this is all possible but i feel its probable.I need help visualizing the network diagram and IP/Subnet settings :-)If there is anything else that is cool and How To Connect Two Different Networks With Router I would highly recommend to get the wireless internet radio working properly with encryption enabled. For normal home networking with simple to use file and printer sharing it is better to connect the second router as suggested in this post...

I don't understand that part.

my problem in this situation is that whenever i shut down the routers (unplug them) the next day when i open it the linksys router (wrt350n)goes back to its default ip Both subnets can access the internet, and neither subnet can access the other, which is how I want it to work. Awesome work. How To Connect Two Routers To One Internet Connection A broadcast in the first router's subnet reaches all computers connected there.

you must enter the IP address of the printer/NAS instead of the host name. This is simply because if a wireless computers moves from one router to the other it needs a different IP address.6. Fortunately this was a much easier fix than the Outlook disaster. navigate here September 20, 2007 at 4:48 PM Testing Blog!

This helped me out immensely. My wifi on the other hand will not allow me to search on webpages or anything close to that.
It wont even work if I hardwire it with an Ethernet cord, Lately I'm seeing alot more virus/malware issues then typical. You have to figure out why you are not able to browse.

After discovering that the network needed me to manually type in \\Network Name on Computers 1 and 3, they began talking to one another again. The O/S is XP/2K mix. Anyway, We want to setup two seperate routers, one for the home networking and one for the Control 4. Now, my question is can I share printers and access NAS which is connected to router A?Thanks.

As I've said, this problem is intermittent and it's just since yesterday that it hasn't inexplicably fixed itself. You can ping another computer by going to Start, clicking on Run, and typing in CMD. I want to see the other computers on my network, but they are on a domain and I am in a workgroup, what can i do to see all of them? Thanks!

As the 360 only looks on it's subnet for sources.What you need instead of 2 subnets is the 2nd floor (router B) set up as a repeater for router A.i.e.