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On one's own; by oneself: He wants to work on his own account. A recounting of past events:chronicle, description, history, narration, narrative, report, statement, story, version.2. the sum of money deposited at a bankc. rekeningkunde عِلْم المُحَاسَبَه счетоводство contabilidade účetnictví die Buchführung bogholderi; regnskabsføring; revision λογιστικήcontabilidad raamatupidamine حسابداری kirjanpito comptabilité חֶשְבּוֹנָאוּת लेखाशास्त्र računovodstvo könyvelés akuntansi bókhald ragioneria 会計学 회계 업무 buhalterija, sąskaityba grāmatvedība perakaunan boekhoudingregnskapsføring,

It's not a forum to discuss ideas, but a knowledge base of questions and their answers. Also, take into account. on account, as an installment or a partial payment. 5. Unable to access this account - was never given the password or prompted to enter one.

Account Definition Wikipedia

Nonprofit Accounting 27. Income Statement 12. taxes payable undivided accou... traditional IRAs How to rollover your 401(k) How much to save for retirement What is a brokerage account?

A feeling of deference, approval, and liking:admiration, appreciation, consideration, esteem, estimation, favor, honor, regard, respect.5. For more information, please see our Advertiser Disclosure. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any Account Title Definition fol.

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Weibull distrib... Elements Of An Account Services: Client of an advertising, brokerage, consulting, marketing, or public relations firm. Dictionary apps Browse our dictionary apps today and ensure you are never again lost for words. onder geen omstandighede مَهْمَا يَكُن السَبَب в никакъв случай por motivo nenhum v žádném případě auf keinen Fall under ingen omstændigheder σε καμία περίπτωση bajo ningún concepto mitte mingil tingimusel تحت

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rekening دَفْعَه عَلَى الحِسَاب имам сметка conta splátkový účet Kundenkonto konto; afdragsordning πίστωση, ανοιχτός λογαριασμός cuenta arve حساب نسیه tili compteחשבון bankovni račun folyószámla angsuran reikningur (vera í r.) conto つけ Banks and credit unions offer three kinds of savings vehicles, each with varying requirements and levels of return. Account Definition Wikipedia a. What Is Account In Hindi Improving Profits 29.

rekenmeester مُحَاسِب счетоводител contador účetní, revizor účtů der/die Buchhalter(in) bogholder; regnskabsfører; revisor λογιστήςcontable raamatupidaja, revident حسابدار kirjanpitäjä comptable רוֹאֶה חֶשְׁבּוֹן लेखाकार računovođa könyvelő akuntan bókari, endurskoðandi ragioniere 会計士 회계사 buhalteris, sąskaitininkas Bonds Payable 22. om my onthalwe بِسَبَبِي، مِن أجْلِي заради мен por causa de kvůli meinetwegen/seinetwegen for ... Financial Statements 10. Account Meaning In Hindi

Open a CD only with money you won't need immediately, because withdrawing money before the end of the term carries a penalty. Accounting Basics 02. för min, (hans) skull เพราะ ...-ın yüzünden 因為或為了(某人) заради кого سبب ہونا vì ai 为了(某人) on no account not for any reason. a.

idiom account (to sb) for sth accountable cast clarify convey demystify descriptive every picture tells a story idiom evocative evoke explicable explicate fill frame get sth across scene schematic that is What Is Bank Account Bear in mind that dipping below a minimum can trigger a fee. The term on account means not for cash.

View in contextBut he is trying to get ahead of me, which may account for my feeling.

ac·count·ed, ac·count·ing, ac·counts To consider as being; deem. Not sure why the user/process/service account is there though, at a guess it's something to do with Postgres. Also, please don't forget to vote - it really helps to select the best questions and answers! What Is An Accounting Get our free widgets Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets.

Initial deposits: Some accounts require a specific minimum amount of money to open. on no account Under no circumstances. powodu دچا لپاره por causa de din cauza из-за меня, него и т.д. an explanatory statement of conduct, as to a superior. 3.

rekeninge, boeke مُرَاجَعَةِ الحِسَابَات сметки, счетоводна книга contas účty; účetní der Bericht regnskab; regnskabs- αναφορά, έκθεση, περιγραφήcuentas arve حساب tilikertomus compte rendu חֶשְבּוֹנוֹת računi beszámoló cerita lengkap frásögn, skÿrsla contabilità 報告 Account for - definition of account for by The Free Dictionary http://www.thefreedictionary.com/account+forPrinter Friendly Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary 9,529,744,444 visitors served Search / Page tools TheFreeDictionary Google Bing put out of action, kill, destroy, put paid to, incapacitate The squadron accounted for seven enemy aircraft in the first week.on account of by reason of, because of, owing to, on Here's how we make money.

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