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Disable Windows 10 Services


After spending 10 years in multiple CIO roles, Scott is now an independent consultant, blogger, author, owner of The 1610 Group, and a Senior IT Executive with CampusWorks, Inc. Portable Device Enumerator Service: Enforces group policy for removable mass-storage devices. If you are not going to be directly receiving mail from Internet hosts (as a designated MX box), but will rather use the POP server of your ISP, then it is We'll flag these as dangerous, and address these in later sections, should you decide you do really need them, and there is no good alternative.

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If you don't need ssh access to this system you can remove openssh-server. After disabling this service, it is still possible to browse the network. I highly doubt that would suit most readers though! This is not a definitive list of services that can be disabled; these are just some obvious ones.

Disable Windows 10 Services

You should also check this tutorial: Windows Defender - How to Turn it On or Off. Other services? If you don't like this function, disable this service. Unset the Default Use NetBios over TCP/IP in your NIC's properties.

Because the service Remote Access Auto Connection Manager depends on this service, it can be disabled as well. TWEAKING SERVICES WITH MSCONFIG? HKCMD.exe accompanies Intel hardware. Windows 7 Services List Why this can be disabled: If your organization does not use smart cards for authentication purposes, you can safely disable this service. 6: Smart Card Removal Policy Windows description: Allows the

If you are not sure what this means, then you definitely don't need it. Why this can be disabled: On a corporate network, Windows Media Player doesn't have nearly the place it might have on a home network. Here is a list of Windows Services that can be safely disabled without any adverse effect on your computer. Can you use them to estimate how many years these products will last?

At some point, I may swap in an SSD, but there's no hurry. Disable Services Windows 7 Command Line It isn't XP or Vista anymore, people. xinetd is an enhanced inetd> replacement, and is configured differently (see next section below).

Below is a partial snippet from a typical inetd.conf. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.

Windows 7 Services To Disable To Improve Performance

Distributed Link Tracking Client: Makes sure that linked files on multiple computers in a network stay linked. One thing, though, that does affect performance a bit--that's when you run a service (like Win7 back-up in Win10) that is marked "Manual"--it takes a few seconds longer for some Manual Disable Windows 10 Services Such behavior exposes you to many risks and it makes it easy for others to steal your financial data like your credit card details and use it to harm you. Windows 7 Services To Disable For Gaming Windows 10 makes it easy to control your startup programs, so use that tool and leave the services alone.

The processes provide faster access to the graphics card settings on the taskbar or individual keys. http://isospanplus.com/windows-7/an-error-occurred-while-windows-was-synchronizing-with-time-windows-com-windows-7.html You can disable this service to save some resources. 8: Windows Media Center Scheduler Service Windows description: Starts and stops recording of TV programs within Windows Media Center. We've divided the processes into 5 categories: quick starters, software updates, processes from hardware manufacturers, software processes and Windows processes. For everyone else, it is potentially big trouble.

BIND (named), DNS server package. Windows 7 Services Optimizer

The email address is not made public. After disabling it, I encountered some problems while updating my system, so I really think that it is safe to leave it set to Manual, at least in Windows 7. Related 2“lean” Windows 7 developer machine services to disable2VPN issue: SSTP Service service started and then stopped0How to view total time taken by Windows services in Windows 71Windows 7 drives stop navigate here Continuing with the aforementioned example, if you connect a Bluetooth device to the computer once every two weeks, you can turn on the service whenever needed and keep it off by

Why this can be disabled: Likewise, there's no need to record TV programs in a corporate environment. 9: Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service Windows description: Shares Windows Media Player libraries When Would You Use The Startup Tab Of The System Configuration Tool? more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Bit run rundown Random string of variable length generator How much additional mass does the earth gain each day from solar radiation?

Unless you need to connect to iSCSI devices, it is safe to disable this service.

It that file exists then the daemon will give the error "HIDDEN-USER" instead of the normal "USERID" response.

Mail server (MTA's like sendmail, qmail, reader_sl.exe is a part of Adobe Reader and stands for Adobe Acrobat Speed Launcher. By loading as few services as possible, you'll free up system resources and speed upĀ your boot time. Aero Glass-interface Everything in the list with PID <= 25 is a kernel thread anyway (except of course for PID 1, which is always init).

Unnecessary, insecure and potentially dangerous, and better utilities are available if these capabilities are needed. For Debian (where $SERVICE_NAME is the init script name):

# update-rc.d -f $SERVICE_NAME remove

And Red Hat:

# chkconfig $SERVICE_NAME off I used to trim services on the older PC's with Windows OS I had but now it's mostly irrelevant outside of an IT admin situation or something like that for the http://isospanplus.com/windows-7/disable-automatic-driver-installation-windows-10.html While disabling unneeded services can have a positive impact on performance, disabling the wrong services can have a big negative impact on the overall performance and stability of your system.

If yes, mail or personal? It uses \ # normal, unencrypted usernames and passwords for authentication. After disabling the services, it is still possible to access shared folders on other computers. The Black Viper windows services website had a lot guides & info for all that with varying degrees of (mostly ) safe windows services configurations it was pretty good .

Themes: Disable this service if there is no need for the visual effects like the new Aero interface. We will also need "ssh" so we can login from other machines. Since we are running a desktop on bigcat, X11 of course needs to stay. Windows Image Acquisition (WIA): For transferring images from a scanner or camera to the computer.

Unless you are connecting to a network domain, this service will never be used. Safe-To-Disable Services As stated earlier, knowledge about the services that can be disabled without a problem is very important. If this option is not desired, then it is better to disable this service.