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Change Windows 8 Start Menu


I just upgraded to Win7 and the first thing that had to go was that god awful start menu. Also, as a criticism of this forum, why was my right mouse button crippled on this page until after I had registered to make a comment? 0 2 years ago Reply And they surely deserve that. It's native to Windows, so all speed of operation is consistent with what you'd expect, but it doesn't offer the special folders menus. Source

Get a clue before posting such bile. You can also right-click the Start screen background, click ‘Customize' and define names for your App Groupings… On the Start screen below, I've pinned my primary work apps and some secondary Opinionated Cat Lover Ooh, a Godwin Gambit. Bring back the Start Menu A collection of various companies including Stardock, Start Menu Reviver, and Pokki, are trying to create alternative Start Menu solutions for those who are still mourning

Change Windows 8 Start Menu

Would be great if that was changed, videos and music are already provided as menus. Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Also, my developers don't use PowerShell or Server Core so that argument bunk. 3 years ago Reply Pickle social.technet.microsoft.com/…/new-start-menu-is-slowing-me-down-in-server-8-part-2 3 years ago Reply Joao Sousa Botto Porkie, I understand what you

I thought of going to Lunix, now MS just forces us to do it. I hate the Metro start screen as much as the next guy, but I'm not prepared to write off Windows 8 as a complete failure. People in general don't like change...but I just can't do without Windows 8 now. Windows 8 Start Button Missing From Taskbar The programmers must've worked for Apple. 47 years ago Reply Anonymous I am new to 8.1 and have found several times to tap on an icon and the icon turns into

A while ago, I ret up my Win7 desktop to allow the use of custom Start Buttons within the Theme. Windows 8 Classic Start Menu It really is time the Microsoft design team understood one basic fact of interfaces : the most efficient one for many is the one they're already familiar with (ie, "if it To change so drastically just to try to sell on a market that is already lost to them is wasting MY time not theirs. Keep in mind that making character assassinations as your opening statement just minimizes the worth of anything else you say.

New menu is a step backward in speed and efficiency of movement. How To Get Start Menu In Windows 8 why do we need to learn again how to use a computer?". Matthias 3 years ago Reply NeednewGone one question … once I've used an app for a month … when is the blue "new" going to leave? 3 years ago Reply Joao CHANGES.THATS YOUR BUSINESS.AND IF SOMEONE ME INCLUDED DONT LIKE THE IDEA OF HAVEING THE START BUTTON.THEN HAVEING IT TAKEN AWAY.ONLY TO MAKE YOU PAY FOR IT.IF YOU WANT IT BACK.IF YOU

Windows 8 Classic Start Menu

Makes no sense. WIN->p->g->v and BOOM ventrilo." Pinned taskbar items can be launched by holding Windows and pressing any number from 1 - 0. Change Windows 8 Start Menu For them, the new program menu is complete crap. Start Button Windows 8 I click on the option and nothing happens.

Pro tip - move the location of your favorites folder into the start menu so you can quickly search those too ;) In conclusion - I recommend that you guys try this contact form What if you want to read an accompanying document? 2 clicks??? Aside from taking up three rows for the entire length of my task tray, it accomplished nothing useful. Bill Cardiff How do you think they listened to their users??? Windows 8 Start Button Download

I'd love to go compile a list of all the articles and complaints about how stupid the start button was over the years. Only fanboys and weirdos with nothing better to do then check weather apps like it. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. http://isospanplus.com/windows-8/how-to-downgrade-windows-8-to-windows-7-without-cd.html Isn't it obvious with all the blow-back that 8 and 8.1 are unacceptable?

November 5, 2009 Golam another easy solution; run -> gpedit.msc -> user configuration -> Administrative tasks -> All settings -> Force Classic Start Menu enable it and voilá November 5, 2009 Windows 7 Start Menu For Windows 8 http://www.facebook.com/saym.guy Saym Guy "I understand that most people don’t see it that way, at least yet, but it’s better to have both worlds at once and be able to choose which I'd better go out an buy my first Ipad 🙁 3 years ago Reply Joao Sousa Botto Joe George, I'm glad you like it.

RCW When the first Win 8 preview came out, when was that, two years or more ago?

In fact our research/usability/user experience teams concluded that the previous incarnation of the Start Menu would soon stop providing a good experience to our users due to, amongst other reasons, the Who new before intgrating to 8 that if would be completely different? If you've got your programs broken down into categories on the start menu, then finding anything on your computer takes less than a half second. Windows 8.1 Enable Start Menu June 18, 2011 Informador GooD menu the Windows 98 :) July 16, 2011 Darto Windows 7 is designed for the lowest common denominator user, and the Start menu built in to

I suggest you do even though you probably won't. Awesome! The only thing they understand is loss of profit. Check This Out Windows 7 and Vista were no better.

Just admit it Microsoft, turn it back on, and move on. To change so drastically just to try to sell on a market that is already lost to them is wasting MY time not theirs. Does UEFI prevent Installation of other OSes ? If you prefer to use a third party application to make Windows 8.1 look more like previous versions you can do so, just like some people made Windows XP and Windows

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